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NCP Employment Program

What is the Non-Custodial Parent Employment Program?

The Non-Custodial Parent Employment Program is an intensive program of job training and placement services to assist NCP's with meeting their financial obligations to their children. The program is operated by Educational Data Systems Incorporated (EDSI). EDSI has an outstanding national reputation for helping people find employment. Each program participant must receive a referral to EDSI from CSSD before beginning the program.

 Who is Eligible to Participate?

  • Your case must be a local case or responding case (CP living in another jurisdiction).
  • You must have an active current child support order, with your child(ren) under the age of 21.There can be arrears; however, we would like to concentrate on the cases with minor children who are still in need of and entitled to support. Arrears only cases are not included.
  • You must live in D.C., Maryland, or Virginia.
  • You must be unemployed. Although, CSSD will consider part-time or seasonal employees.
  • You must have a valid address (including homeless shelter), home, or cellular phone number, an email if applicable. CSSD and potential employers must have a reliable means of communication with the program enrollee.
  • You cannot have been terminated or reject from this program within the last 24 months.
  • You may be a candidate if he or she has recently been released from prison within 36 months.
  • You must voluntarily agree to participate in the NCP Employment Program with EDSI by signing CSSD's NCP Employment Program Contract.

What services are provided?

Each eligible NCP will be matched with a Job Development Team who will give you employment assistance, job retention services, and advancement opportunities. In addition, the Job Development Team will provide referrals to community services including food assistance, clothing, shelter and housing, and transportation. If the need presents itself or is requested, the team will also provide assistance with personal issues, peer pressure, family issues, and everyday life skills that hinder you from becoming employed.

What kind of commitment is it?

The program requires all participants to attend classes 5 days a week for 2-4 weeks. Each day classes are two and a half hours long. The program is held at the training center located at 734 15th St NW, 6th floor, Washington, D.C. 2005. It is near two convenient Metro stops. In addition to class time, you will be expected to spend time job searching and meeting with staff individually.

For more information, please contact CSSD at: (202) 442-9900.