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Paying Support

Non-custodial parents are responsible for paying all of the ordered child support.  There are programs and other information that may be helpful to the non-custodial parent in meeting this obligation. 

There are several ways for non-custodial parents and employers to make child support payments.


The CSSD Clearinghouse processes payments, including receiving payments, posting payments, and disbursing payments.  The clearinghouse also updates employer information (as appropriate). Information about payments that have been received by CSSD is available through one of CSSD’s automated systems.

Paying Child Support by Mail

Money orders or checks must be made payable to: “District of Columbia (DC) Child Support Clearinghouse.”  Information must be written clearly, and must contain the payor’s name, case number, and Social Security Number.

Money orders and checks must be mailed to the appropriate PO Box as follows:

Non-custodial Parties:

DC Child Support Clearinghouse
PO Box 37715
Washington, DC 20013-7715


DC Child Support Clearinghouse
PO Box 37868
Washington, DC 20013-7868

Other State Agencies

DC Child Support Clearinghouse
PO Box 37789
Washington, DC 20013-7789

Paying Child Support Electronically

Child support payments may be made over the internet by accessing dc.SmartChildSupport.com

Note: The first payment will not be immediate. It will take seven to ten business days to establish your account. Once your account is established, you can make payments at any time.