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Receive Electronic Payments

Child support payments can be received electronically through one of two methods.

  1. Payments can be directly deposited into a checking or savings account, or
  2. Payments can be placed on a debit card that the payee can use where ever debit cards are accepted.

To begin receiving payments electronically, complete an Electronic Payment Application Form. Follow the instructions on the form to email, fax, or mail the completed form to CSSD.  After CSSD receives and processes the form, electronic payments will begin in three to five business days.  Customers with multiple cases only need to fill out one application form. 

To stop electronic payments, a written request should be sent to the SDU Manger by fax at (202) 585-0982, or mailed to the CSSD office  to the attention of “SDU Manager”. A case number must be included on the request.  After CSSD receives and processes the request, electronic payments will stop within two business days.

To change an existing electronic payment—perhaps you want to direct the payments to a different bank account, for example—complete a new Electronic Payment Application Form, and indicate that the type of transaction to be “Change”.  Enter the new information and send the form to CSSD.

Joint account holders should immediately advise both CSSD and the financial institution of the death of an account holder.  Funds deposited after the date of death or ineligibility of the customer are required to be returned to CSSD.