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$150 Pass Through

District of Columbia law allows up to $150 of a non-custodial parent’s (NCP) child support payment to “pass-through” directly to the custodial parent (CP) each month, for Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) cases.

Purpose of the $150 Pass-Through

  • To grant access to additional monies to children receiving TANF benefits
  • To encourage non-custodial parents to pay their monthly child support obligation on a consistent basis
  • To encourage non-custodial parents to have an on-going relationship with their children
  • To aid the District’s neediest children from living below the poverty line
  • To work in the best interest of the children and families of the District of Columbia

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the  Pass-Through Work?
The District of Columbia will provide additional income to IV-D customers who receive TANF benefits.  The new law allows up to $150 of a NCP’s child support payment to be distributed directly to the CP.  The pass-through payment is provided to the CP in addition to the TANF benefits.

Who does the Pass-Through apply to?
The pass-through applies to IV-D customers that are receiving TANF benefits with an established child support court order

How do I qualify for the Pass-Through?
You qualify for this incentive if you receive TANF benefits for a child support obligation with current support.

How does the Pass-Through benefit me?
The Pass-Through will benefit you by providing up to $150 in additional income to provide for the needs of the family.

Do I get the entire $150 as additional income?
You will only receive the entire $150 if your current monthly obligation amount is $150 or more and the NCP pays.

What time of the month will I receive my payment?
The payment will be disbursed after the payment has been received from the NCP.

Do I receive my payment if the non-custodial parent does not pay?
You will only receive the Pass-Through payment if the NCP pays their monthly obligation.

Will I receive the same amount each month?
No, your payment amount is based on your current monthly obligation amount and the amount the NCP pays.