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ERC Employment Program

What is the Employment Resource Center?

The Employment Resource Center (ERC) is a referral-based program where CSSD refers interested customers to various local employment and job training/placement opportunities.  Realizing that other factors may contribute to unemployment, we also refer customers to organizations who offer assistance to families in crisis in accessing necessary resources relating to food assistance, clothing, shelter and housing, as well as physical and mental treatment facilities. The participating organizations have an outstanding national reputation for helping people find success. 

What services are provided?

The services offered vary in terms of the organization’s specialty and opportunities available.  As a result, you will be matched with an organization that best fits your career goals and/or your immediate needs.

Employment/Certification Placement – offers various employment/certification opportunities ranging from culinary arts certification and placement, career placement for veterans, adult education, vocational education, staffing agencies, job placement for previously incarcerated individuals, part-time weekend work, and so forth.     

Job Readiness Training – is training that a customer receives to prepare him or her in obtaining and maintaining employment such as:  completing a resume or job application, writing a cover and thank you letter, improving interviewing skills, providing effective job searching techniques, and learning workplace expectations.

Life Skills Training – is training for an individual seeking to strengthen his or her family by improving household management skills, budgeting money skills, anger-management skills, decision-making skills, finding work-life balance, child care management, and other related competences.

Access to Necessary Services – connects customers in need to community services focused on food assistance, clothing, shelter and housing, clothing, as well as physical and mental treatment facilities and programs. 

What kind of jobs might I get?

Our participants have found jobs tailored to their individual skills and interests.  A few examples of employers include: government agencies such as U.S. Veteran Services; certified-industry services such as Allied Barton (security company), Keany Produce Company (trucking delivery company), and D.C. Central Kitchen (culinary arts certification and placement program); retailers such as CVS; and food service industries such as Subway, and Fast Eddie’s (restaurant). These are just a few of many examples, though.  You will work with your employment program to find the right job for you!

Will Job Training or Certification Classes work with my schedule?

The average schedule for training classes is a 4-6 week commitment for 5 days a week, 8 hours a day. During this time, you typically have the opportunity to job search and meet with the organization’s staff individually to discuss your progress.  However, there are many different schedules to fit your need.  The organization will instruct you on the time commitment to successfully complete their job training program.   

Does CSSD operate the Employment Resource Center (ERC)?

Yes. The Employment Resource Center (ERC) is an initiative managed by the Child Support Services Division (CSSD).  Through ERC, our staff refers non-custodial to local programs offered by a specific organization.  CSSD acts as the go-between by teaming customers with the most appropriate service whether it is an employment opportunity, training opportunity, or necessary services for family sustainability.       

Are the programs located at the CSSD office?

No.   The programs are located at various locations depending on the organization.  Through the Employment Resource Center, you will receive the exact location information when you receive your referral.   CSSD manages the Employment Resource Center located at our office at 441 4th Street NW Suite 550 North, Washington, DC 20001.

I’m interested.  What do I do?

The process involves just a few steps.  First, you call or visit our office expressing interest in the Employment Resource Center.  The staff will ask you a few related questions.  If you are eligible to participate, you will receive a scheduled meeting with our Community Outreach Specialist.  You should bring your resume to this meeting.  Second, during your meeting, you fill out an application and meet with the Specialist to discuss your career goals or immediate family needs. Third, the Specialist will refer you to a suitable program and/or employment announcements.  The organization you are referred to will be your main point of contact; our Specialist will check in with you and is available as necessary thereafter.           

Who is eligible to participate?

Non-custodial parents who meet all of the criteria below:

  • Your case must be a local or responding case;
  • You must have an active and current child support order for your child (ren) under the age of 21;
  • You must live in D.C., Maryland, or Virginia;*
  • You must be unemployed; and
  • You must have valid contact information: (1) an address (including homeless shelter), (2) a home or cellular phone number, and (3) an e-mail address if applicable.

Employment Resource Center 

The Employment Resource Center (ERC) connects you to various programs that offer job training, counseling, employment placement, and support to get lives back on track.

For more information, contact Customer Service at (202) 442-9900 or [email protected].


* Some of the opportunities are restricted to District residents only.