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Fathering Court

The Fathering Court is a program that offers recently incarcerated parents, who are delinquent in child support payments, a chance to make a fresh start. The Fathering Court offers job training, counseling, employment services, and judicial access to help parents get their lives on track and support their children.  Participants will be educated, counseled, and encouraged to place their children’s needs first.  It's an opportunity to make a difference in your and your child’s life today.

Why would I join the Fathering Court?

It’s really about helping children and families. The Fathering Court is geared to help prepare non-custodial parents to become financially and emotionally responsible for their children.

How do I qualify?

The Fathering Court is a voluntary court proceeding and re-entry program operated through the DC Superior Court. Participants must have child support orders for children who live in the District of Columbia and the legal custodian/guardian of the child/children must agree to support the program.

What can participants get out of it?

  • Job training & job placement
  • Biweekly support group meetings
  • A chance to discuss re-entry issues with other parents in the re-entry process
  • Counseling and treatment
  • Personal financial management training
  • Parenting classes
  • Program graduation & Support Group meetings
  • Case management
  • Access to a CSSD Policy and Training attorney
  • Court supervision
  • A chance to build a relationship with your child(ren)

Who Can Participate?

To participate in the Fathering Court, parents must be at least 18 years old and reside in the District of Columbia, have an active child support obligation in the District of Columbia, not have any prior convictions of child or sexual abuse, not have any prior convictions of domestic violence, not have any ongoing chemical or substance abuse issues, not be currently receiving SSI or SSDI, and not be currently enrolled in high school. Participants may be subject to drug testing if substance abuse issues arise. Anyone currently on the Child Offender Registry can not participate.

Contact Us

Anyone interested in getting more information about the Fathering Court should either Email Ron Scott at [email protected] or call a CSSD Policy and Training attorney at (202) 724-2131.