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Opening a Child Support Case

All children have the right to financial support from both parents, which can provide them with the best chance at a bright future. The Office of the Attorney General’s Child Support Services Division can help you get this support for your child by establishing paternity, securing a child support court order, and collecting child support payments. Just fill out an online child support form and our staff will contact you with next steps.

Click here to start your child support case.

If you have any questions, please contact Child Support Services (202) 442-9900 or email [email protected].

Frequently Asked Questions

Why use Child Support Services to help support my child?
It is important to have a legal document that ensures your child is financially supported by both parents, and we can help walk you through the process with patience and compassion. Adults may have their differences, but it is important to take the necessary legal steps to put the welfare of the child first.

What services does Child Support Services provide?

  • Establishing Paternity
  • Locating a parent
  • Establishing a child support court order
  • Collecting child support payments
  • Establishing health insurance benefits

Do I make too much money for Child Support Services to help me?
No. Child Support Services can help anyone regardless of how much money you make. Instead of hiring an expensive, private attorney, let Child Support Services help you with its talented team of attorneys and investigators and established relationships with other states and the federal government.

I have a child support order from divorce and/or custody hearing however I’m not getting child support regularly. Can you help me?
We understand that it’s frustrating when financial support does not come regularly, but we can help! When you apply for child support services, we have several tools to help secure financial support and encourage parents to pay child support, including:

  • Seizing tax returns
  • Denying or revoking passports
  • Seizing lottery winnings
  • Denying or revoking a DC driver’s license
  • Placing a lien on property
  • Notifying the credit reporting companies
  • Freezing and seizing bank accounts
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